10 Tips to Successfully Work in a Coworking Space

Ché O'Donnell-Gibson
August 5, 2020

Coworking spaces have opened a new work setup that remote workers and startups have embraced. It offers an alternative that encourages more productivity as compared to a home office or a less formal environment like a cafe.

The energy of the people in a shared office can be contagious and the environment can inspire creativity. However, even with the positive environment, you can still use some tips to be motivated further and to ensure that you’ll be able to work successfully in a coworking space.

Here are some pieces of advice to make your time in a coworking space really worthwhile.

10 Ways to Successfully Work in a Coworking Space

1. Find the Right Coworking Space for You

The basic step to making the most of coworking spaces is finding the right shared office. It is important to make sure that the coworking space you’ll choose will meet your personality and working style. Visit the place and have a feel of it. It would also be smart to assess the commute from your place. How you go to and from your workplace is a factor in staying motivated to go there everyday.

2. Create Your To-Do List

As you go to work everyday, make it a habit to create your to-do list. Identify the tasks that you need to accomplish while in the coworking space. This way, you will be more mindful of your time and stay focused until your most important tasks get done.

3. Make Headphones Your Daily Essentials

Remember, most shared office spaces are designed for collaborative work. There are times when you may have to bear with discussions in your surroundings. To avoid distractions especially on days when you need to focus, you can rely on noise-cancelling headphones. This will gear you up to remain unaffected by the sounds around you, whether it be the piped-in music or the conversations of other occupants. 

TIP: Aside from headphones, it will also be convenient to bring a charger for your laptop, phone, or other device. While a shared space may have a charging station or you can borrow from another occupant, bringing your own charger will allow you to power up your device whenever you want.

4. Ask for Available Resources

One of the things that make coworking spaces a preferred choice among its occupants is the additional amenities that it makes available for everyone. Don’t miss the benefits of coworking spaces by not knowing what they actually provide. After all, you’re not just paying for the desk but all the added resources available in the place. 

5. Book Private Rooms in Advance

Do you need a private office or a meeting room for your team? Coworking spaces in Auckland usually provide that. However, you have to check for availability first. Schedule accordingly and book in advance to reserve the room you need.

6. Take a Break Regularly

A few minutes of your time spent for relaxation shouldn’t hurt. In fact, it can actually bring you benefits. 

According to a research, to establish an optimal time work ratio you must set 52 minutes to hard and effective work and another 17 minutes for breaks in between. This will allow your brain to reset and improve your cognitive energy so you can accomplish more as you continue with your work.

7. Make Time to Network and Socialize

In relation to that, you can choose to spend your break getting to know the people in the shared space you’re in. Working won't be too tedious with a little networking and socialization. With the coworking space setup, you can take advantage of the opportunity to work with colleagues who share the same interests as yours. You may even create your network of acquaintances who can open doors of opportunities for you.

8. Focus Like You Have a Deadline to Beat

Self-discipline is key when in a coworking space. You have to maintain your focus and work like your beating a deadline. It is important to set boundaries between work and play. Procrastination will bring you nowhere. After all, there are things that you can schedule for later, the same way that there are those that require your urgent attention. By maintaining your focus, you will be able to maximize the time you spend in a shared office and also use your spare time to socialize.

9. Tidy Up

Once you’re done with the day’s work, don’t forget to tidy up. This is to make sure that the next day you start working again, you won’t be greeted by piles of papers or unnecessary things that can demotivate you. When in a shared office, you can create an inviting space that will make you want to work and accomplish more by keeping the mess off your work area.

10. Reward Yourself!

Rewards still work to keep a person motivated. Whenever you hit a goal or a specific milestone, reward yourself with something that can make you happy. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and make you feel like everything’s worth it. Rewards do not necessarily have to be extravagant. In fact, treating yourself to a cup of your favourite coffee or snack will do.

At this time when more people have resorted to working remotely, you have to make your environment work to support your productivity. Coworking spaces offer advantages for freelancers, remote teams and startups. With a few tips to follow, you can be sure that your time spent in a coworking space will all be worth it.

At Alike, a coworking space in Auckland CBD, creating an ideal work atmosphere comes on top of our priorities. If you are looking for an office space for you and your team, you can send us an enquiry or schedule a visit. We can provide you with a work location that is conducive for you!

Do you know other tips that can help you work successfully in a coworking space? Drop us a message.

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