4 Reasons Why Working from a Shared Space Will Help You Thrive

Ché O'Donnell-Gibson
May 24, 2016

Many people love the idea of working from home, but when they finally get the opportunity to do so, they find out it’s more difficult than they anticipated. Whether you’re self-employed or you work as a remote employee, it’s essential that you consider how your work environment is impacting productivity. Your daily surroundings have a direct effect on attitude and success, which means that changing your work environment might actually make it easier for you to meet your goals.

If you want to boost productivity as well as experience more satisfaction in your daily routine, you should consider the benefits of a shared working space instead of working at home. These are a few reasons why people love spending their work hours in a co-working setting:

1. Have More Control over Your Schedule

How many times a day are you interrupted when you’re working in an at-home office? Even if you can close the door to your office, there are always things around the house that might pull away your focus. Have you found it hard to work when you know there are some dishes that need to be washed or another load of laundry that needs to be folded? These seemingly basic household tasks can turn into motivation killers, especially for procrastinators.

Instead of allowing yourself to be distracted by the TV or other things around the house, consider the benefits of working in a space that is outside of your home. A shared working space gives you a quiet area to focus on your projects, without the distraction of the many things that could be done around the house.

2. Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Working from home can make it difficult to draw the line between work and home life, which throws off your work-life balance. When do you stop working for the day and spend time with your family? How do you handle the family distractions that pop up incessantly when you’re trying to get your work done?

Everyone in the shared working space has the same mentality: they are all there to work. At home, you might be interrupted by your kids or other family members, but these interruptions go away when you are in a co-working space. Simply turn your phone on silent and get to work without the worry of someone knocking on your office door or asking for help with dinner.

Additionally, a co-working space encourages you to get out of your pyjamas and get dressed for the day. You can create your own work routine based on your personal preferences, and have a clear way to separate your work life and home life.

3. Join a Community with Like-Minded People

It can be lonely to work from home, especially since most at-home workers don’t have much social interaction during work hours. If you’re someone who craves the social interaction and you want to manage the amount of interaction that you get each day, then a co-working office is the perfect solution for you!

In fact, a shared working space is an ideal location for business networking, because you have the opportunity to talk with other Auckland business owners. Many New Zealand start-ups want to minimise costs, so they choose a co-working space instead of renting their own office. So, you will be rubbing shoulders with ambitious, focused people when you are in the office. During a coffee break, you might even have the chance to make a business connection or talk with a potential client who is also using the space.

4. Boost Your Creativity

It is amazing to see how much more motivation you experience when you are working in a space shared with other entrepreneurs and business owners. Even if you minimise conversation with others, it can be energising to be working in a space where other people are motivated and driven to meet their goals. Many people find that their creativity is boosted in this kind of environment.

If you feel stuck in your project or your business growth is slowing, then you need to look for ways to infuse new energy into your efforts. A co-working space might the solution that you need if you are looking for opportunities for small business innovation! You will be able to change things up and have the chance to soundboard with other people if you need more ideas.

Find a Co-working Space in Your Area

Whether you’re looking for a place where you might connect with international companies based in Auckland, or you simply need a quiet place to get your work done, then co-working might be the perfect solution for you.

Here at Alike, we offer a versatile shared office space that can be used on your terms. Maintain your independence and leverage the benefits of shared office space, allowing you to create a work environment that will help you thrive in your business efforts. Browse through our website to learn more about the shared office space that is available for you, and feel free to contact us any time if you have any questions about the options that are available. We are here to help!

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