Riding the Bus: Broke Mans Transport or Wise Decision Making?

Ché O'Donnell-Gibson
September 10, 2015

I haven’t owned a car for about 3 years now. I have a motorbike which is super efficient on petrol, parking (usually free) and travel time but its not the best in Aucklands winter with the amount of rain we get. I know a lot of people complain about the expensive parking in the CBD or the traffic congestion travelling to and from the city in peak hours. Personally, I think there is always a smarter way to do things.

This winter I was adamant that I was going to buy a car to avoid another winter riding my motorbike and coming into the office with wet socks. However, the budget just didn’t stack up to my car dreams so I decided to give riding the bus to Alike a try. Once I pulled in my pride a little and came to the reality I was “a bus rider”, I have realised just how good riding the bus to work actually is for several reasons. Firstly, the HOP card. This wasn’t around the last time I was dedicated to riding the bus. The amount of time it cuts down when people get onto the bus is amazing. The bus literally only needs to stop for about 1 minute to pick up 20 passengers with HOP cards. Back in the day the annoying person was anyone wanting to pay with a $20 note as they slowed the travel time. The bus drivers especially hated these people because they ran out of change so fast. Now its just anyone that doesn’t have a HOP card, unless they are elderly or fresh off the boat, we let them slide. These days however, all regular riders have HOP cards and the process is pretty slick.

Secondly, I stay dry and warm and start and end the day with dry socks. Being dry and warm in winter is not to be under appreciated. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when doing things in the rain is part of life. Playing football in the rain is cool because it builds character yet there are times when its not cool to be regularly wet. Shared space life is the later. Thirdly, with the new alcohol blood stream level, its far too hard to not get caught drink driving these days. Riding the bus for this reason alone is great as you can relax at the end of the week and unwind with a coworker, or five and get home safely without being arrested, fined and/or loosing your licence. You can make a bus buddy when your a regular rider so thats got to be reason number four. It turned out my friends old girl friend catches the bus at the same stop I do and we have ended up becoming good bus buddies. Sometimes conversation is a little retarded when we are both half asleep at 7:30am but over time its been great. I know her more now than I ever did when she went out with my friend. Pretty cool really.

The fifth reason and ultimately the biggest reason for most, the cost. I put $80 onto my HOP card at the start of the month to ride to work and back again 5 days per week and that money gets me to the end. I live in Ponsonby so I am relatively close to Alike, yet the rates would go up equally I’m sure if you compared it to driving a car from close or afar. A monthly park downtown is at least $250 incl GST plus petrol of approx $200 means I could argue that riding the bus is saving me $370/month. Whether your just starting a business or you choose to spend your hard earned dollars elsewhere, riding the bus is a very wise option these days.

If your starting a business or prefer to just spend your money on growing it, ride the bus here to discuss how you can be part of a group of wise decision makers.

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