Introducing Alike Members – The Music Run

Ché O'Donnell-Gibson
July 31, 2015

I figure a good place to start the Alike blog is by profiling a current Alike Member and the great things they are doing for the world. Starting with one of the longer running members – The Music Run.

In short, The Music Run is a 5km, untimed fun run followed by a music festival that is rolling out worldwide. Sounds pretty simple right? Yet, the devil is always in the details and execution.

When signing up to The Music Run, participants are asked to choose their top playlist they would like to hear while running the 5km. With Spotify as their Official Digital Music Partner, each playlist is then shared and voted for everyday until event day. The 5km is broken into 5 Music Zones of 1km each – playing the top tracks from each genre picked by the contestants. At the end of the run they celebrate and unite by having some good ol’ party times.

As with most businesses these days, branding, digital marketing and social media strategies are very important and I think The Music Run are hitting the nail on the head in these areas. Check out their site for some inspiration and we will let you know when registrations open here in New Zealand!

If you would like to become a member of Alike, click here:

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