My Shared Space Startup. Chapter 4 – Keeping Faith.

Ché O'Donnell-Gibson
October 15, 2015

I decided that if I wanted to chase the sound design dream, I needed some kind of passive income to counteract the heavy downturns in the industry. My initial resolution was to start an espresso bar down town in Auckland. This is where my other experience lay and there was opportunity in the market.

The plan: Set up a coffee shop, start pumping out lots of coffee, then step back and have staff run it. I would then have money and time to work on films.

It sounds like a lot of work now, yet at the time it was a better idea than my previous situation so I pushed forward and started the hunt for a location.

I purchased a people counter online (like the ones bouncers have at bars) and sat outside several different vacant spots downtown at 7am for a couple of hours counting the foot traffic. I remember the looks on some peoples faces. “What is that guy up to?” is what they were thinking and I was wondering the same thing.

I got excited about a location several times, yet reality would hit after finding out the rent.

The idea then became to shrink the size of the space I would rent. Again, finding a “whole in the wall” space available was a different story.

I progressed to contemplating splitting a large ground floor space. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ring landlords and ask if they were prepared to rent me a section of their premise. As I predicted, the responses were all a quick no.

However, the process led me to one landlord who suggested a resolution. He suggested talking to the guys that ran the website as they link people that have space to people that need it.

I couldn’t believe my luck. I thought that was amazing. The pieces of the puzzle just moved a lot closer together.

The lesson – Have faith in yourself. Don’t give up. A resolution will come if you stay proactive down the unknown road.



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