Roam Funding Offer Closes in 5 Days

Ché O'Donnell-Gibson
September 8, 2015

One of the Members in Alike, Armillary Private Capital, run the New Zealand arm of an equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube – the worlds leading investment crowdfunding platform. The NZ arm was setup a couple of months ago with the first round of funding for the startup, Collect proving to be very successful as they reached 235% of the goal.

Up next for fund raising is Roam , a peer-to-peer car sharing market place. Roam connects people with cars not in use to people that need them. You can rent your car for extra dollars rather than having it sitting on the street all day. People that don’t have cars can find one that suits them in their area and rent it for the time they need. The model is proven overseas and Roam are bringing it here in the very near future. There are currently only 5 days left on the funding offer so jump over to Crowdcube to get your slice of the pie.

If you would like to meet with someone from Armillary, give us a bell here at Alike and we will be happy to introduce you.

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