Why a Central Auckland Office Location Matters to Grow Your Business

Ché O'Donnell-Gibson
May 31, 2016

The location of your office has a direct impact on the long-term success of your company. Therefore it’s important that you are selective about your businesses location to create the environment that will set you up for success.

Since Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand, it’s easy to see why business owners like having permanent office space in this area. But, you need to consider different things when you are selecting an office space. These are a few points to think about before you sign the contract:


Whether you will be meeting with clients or you only need space for your employees, it’s essential to be sure that the office space can be easily accessed. Consider the office proximity to Britomart, public transportation, and parking areas. If people have difficulty with transportation, then it will seem burdensome for them to come to your office.

Accessibility matters, because it impacts the experience people have when they come to your office. If you want to grow your business, then you need to find a place that is easy to access and easy to find. Check the Auckland public transport maps to be sure that your new business location is near a stop.

In any city centre, foot traffic is an important method of transportation. Being too far away or tucked away in a hard-to-find location means that people might pass up your company and go to a competitor instead. Make sure that your office space is well marked and customers/clients can arrive using any method of transportation that works best for them.

Proximity to City Center

How close is your office space to Auckland CBD? The central area of the city is a hub for growth and connection. Positioning your office in this area can make it easier for you to connect with potential clients and build other business relationships.

When your office is located in the heart of Auckland city, you will see a change in the environment within the office. Additionally, it’s easy to access from any of the outlying areas, and a person could come from any direction without the need to navigate across the entire city.

City centre locations make it easier for you to be close to clients. As a result, you will find more opportunity to strengthen your relationship with these individuals, which will help your company to grow.

Other Businesses and Services

Additionally, proximity also impacts the other business-to-business options that are available. Is there a nearby coffee shop for people to visit on their way to work? How close is the nearest daycare for employees who need to drop off their children? Choose a location that has a good selection of restaurants and other amenities to improve the convenience for your employees.

Attracting the Right Demographic

Consider the fact that location can have a direct impact on the demographic of customers that are drawn to your company. People who are spending their free time in the trendy areas of central Auckland will have the disposable cash to spend on the products and services that match their interests.

Dial in your demographic and be sure that your office location is near the areas where these people are spending their time. Consider the other types of businesses that are in the area so that you can draw the right crowd of people.

Business Style

What style or atmosphere do you want to create when someone walks through the door of your office? If you are going for an elegant or formal appearance, then you need to be sure that the office design and the interior furniture match your branding. It’s popular for businesses to aim for a casual, kicked-back style, especially when millennials are the employees or target demographic.

Since central Auckland is a lively, hip area of the country, make sure that your business style matches. Find a business space that can be easily adapted to your business needs and the expectations of the customers.

For example, choosing a business location on Queen Street, Auckland means that you will be in the centre of a major commercial thoroughfare within the Auckland CBD area. Plan your office design to match the trendy atmosphere outside and you will be able to attract the right customers who are interested in the products and services that you offer.

Layout of the Office

If you want a nice office location in Auckland CBD but you don’t have need of a full office rental, then you might consider the option to use a shared office space. At Alike, we are striving to provide a productive workspace to help your company thrive. Browse our website to learn more about the shared office space in our building. Also, you are welcome to contact our company for details about the services that are available.

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