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Freelancers, Start ups, an Auckland office for a corporate. Whatever the size, we've got the spaces you need.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the pricing work for the Open Plan?
Basically you are paying per person, per desk on a monthly basis. So if there is 1 person, it’s $525+GST per month. If there are 3 people, it is $1,575+GST per month. The pricing includes all expenses and you will have 1 dedicated desk each.
How does the pricing work for the Private Offices?
It is essentially the same as the Open Plan. You are paying per person, per desk on a monthly basis except the prices are set to the number of desks in the office. For example, there is a two person office for $1,200+GST per month. You will pay this rate even if there is only 1 person using it as the office is private so we can’t offer the other desk to somebody else.    
Are there fixed terms?
For locals all terms are only a minimum 3 months, and then they roll month-to-month. If you don’t live in New Zealand, and are only in Auckland short term, get in touch, we may be able to help you with some space if available.
Do you hire the meeting room out by the hour?
The meeting room is only available for full time members of Alike. If you do the maths though, on how cost effective our rates are compared to the market rate for meeting room hire (approx. $40/hr), you will see there is much more benefit from having a dedicated desk here and unlimited meeting room time for free.
Can I just pay for a day or part of a day?
If you live in NZ, we suggest you use the Auckland Public Library. It is free and quiet and great for the odd occasion of needing to work. If you don’t live in NZ, get in touch, and we can see if we can help.
Do you offer part time rates?
From experience, we found that part time, or ‘hot desk’ rates don’t work well for you or us. Juggling available desks daily was not only time consuming for us, it meant some people would not have a desk to use when they turned up needing to work. And if someone has a deadline, that can be stressful. Instead, we decided to offer full time only but make the rates very competitive.
Exceptional Spaces &
Simple Pricing. For everyone.
Our shared office spaces are perfect for teams or individuals. We help businesses thrive. With our short and long term offers, what we provide is a venue for your team and revenue to grow so that you can take advantage of a business that is highly scalable.
Pricing | Open Plan Shared Space
Open Plan
Open area  that has dedicated desks you have full time access to. Just you or any size team can take multiple desks near each other.
*per person, per desk, per month.
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Private Office | Open Plan Shared Space
Private Office
Enclosed offices with a door, mobile storage and a key. Good for singles, doubles, three people or more who require privacy all the time and 24/7 access.
Starts at:
*per person, per desk, per month.
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*All members are entitled to free access to our Meeting room

Our spaces

Alike offers co-working spaces for every need. Whether you prefer a collaborative space for you and your team or if you value the peacefulness of a  private office, we have the shared office spaces that meet your preferences. Available in short or long terms.
Meeting Room | Shared Office Space in Auckland CBD
Meeting  Room
Free access to all members for all your important meetings and discussions
Private Office | Coworking Space in Auckland CBD
Private Office
24-7 access to your own private, enclosed office space.
Open Plan Coworking Space
Open Plan
Enjoy working with your team or everyone in the office.
High Speed Wifi | Shared Office Space Amenities
High-speed Fibre Cable+WIFI
Free Coffee | Shared Office Space Amenities
Freshly Roasted Coffee
Full Air Conditioning | Shared Office Space Amenities
Fully Air-conditioned spaces
Bicycle Parking | Shared Office Space Amenities
Indoor Bicycle Parking
High-Quality Printer | Shared Office Space Amenities
Commercial Quality Printing